Toucher gratuitement Carte-cadeau VISA gratuit (€46/$50) (4 restante)

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$50 iTunes Carte-cadeaux
Carte-cadeau VISA gratuit (€46/$50)
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jesus 1 year ago
Holy cow this workd
yun 1 year ago
Admin 1 year ago
Sorry Oscar. I reviewed your case and your IP was recorded. Server crashed due to many requests that day. I am now rechecking users one by one and sending them the gift cards for December 1st. Upgraded servers not it will manage the growing website load. My appologies. Sending 2x gift cards for you mate.
Oscar D. 1 year ago
I done everything i was told to do and ive yet to get my gift card...i tweeted it....i clicked on win burger king for year done everything asked it that survey sent me to another offer done it and so on and so on but still no gift card and i did all of this on december 1st 2016
Makayla 1 year ago
I did the survey nothing happened first time. Tried again in 10 minutes and got my email. Lag?
Anonymous 1 year ago
This is great tool
No name 1 year ago
It really does work! Thx
Amit 1 year ago
Gang>> because there is limit. You can get only one card and then you must wait a week to try again.
Gang 1 year ago
If this was real why wouldn't everyone do it
Brahim 1 year ago
visa is the best gift card i will tell my friend about it
chris 1 year ago
I thought so too. Tried it myself and it worked. Though after claiming my card I got a message that I can't claim any other gift card for next 5 days. I get that. Many people want them. I tried my moms name, but probably they see the same IP address. Told my friend, he got his. Thanked me a lot. LOL.
Yo Yo Yo 1 year ago
I don't think this works... Its fake right?
Curtis 1 year ago
It took me maybe 5 minutes to get my gift car. I had to download some game app to received my gift card. I'd say that's a great deal!
Denny 1 year ago
Damn awesome! I had to wait 20-30min for the code but I got it. Free service. But it does it's job. Thanks
Jake 1 year ago
Yes, it worked for me, bro!
(HEY!) 1 year ago
does this really work?
anas 1 year ago
The best!
Mary 1 year ago
Thanks!!! I got mine to email just now. Good luck guys ;)
Admin 1 year ago
Yes, Mary. Please visit the site in few hours.
Mary 1 year ago
I see there are no visa gift cards available? Will you get more?
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