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Please read the instructins above carefully. All the gift cards will be sent to the email you provided. We only check the validity of the email, we cannot guarantee that you spelled your email correcty. Please understand that we have very limited amounts of gift card to give away and a huge demand for them.
Paypal gift card is an amazing item to have. Either for personal use or as a gift to friend or family. It is most widely spread internet payment method. You can use it in almost every online shop.


Divin 2 years ago
I just got my gift card. Thx
Help me 2 years ago
does the survey really work?
Tom 2 years ago
How many paypal gift cards I can claim per day?
My gift 2 years ago
paypal gift is the best!
Azure 2 years ago
I am about to give it a try, hopefully it works.
James L. 2 years ago
It worked but only on second attempt. It was definitely worth it. Now as I think about it, I could claim $25 not $10.
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