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Follow details above to claim your valid paypal gift card. This gift card will be sent to your by email. Your name will be on the gift card voucher. Therefore, take your time and fill all the details correctly. Please double check everything.
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Paypal also offers prepaid Visa cards. These are anonymous and widely spread.

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Damien 2 years ago
I had to share and do the survey. Just got my email. Good deal for my time. THank you
felip*** 2 years ago
it worked!
mikee 2 years ago
hope it works
Rixha 2 years ago
Works. Check out, you can even get free youtube subscribers. Good. I'm starting my youtube business. Wish me luck :)
Natalie 2 years ago
I completed the survey successfully, I see the email with codes
Briana 2 years ago
Caching! Got mine a second ago. I was refreshing my gmail for 15minutes till I finally got it..
Aaron B. 2 years ago
Wow, it does work. Cheers!
Lucas S. 2 years ago
It works! Always good to have extra paypal cash.
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