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Spiros 2 years ago
Juan, they seem to have hacked the sweepstake sites only. So they win many gifts from many sites. Looks like robin hoods or something. I don't know their catch on this. Works for me.
Juan 2 years ago
Hello is this legit isnt this ilegal?
Jack So 2 years ago
Awesome! I recommend it! They are legit. Not like other basterds I seen all over the internet which are only trying to get your info.
Admin 2 years ago
Yes, you can claim one more gift card (with same email and full name) once every 5 days. Please understand that the demand is high and we offer free service. Thank you for using our site!
GameOn 2 years ago
Thx guys! I see I can't claim the second one. Is there a limit per IP address? Can I claim another one in few days?
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