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$50 iTunes Gift Card
$50 VISA Gift Card
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Amit 2 years ago
Gang>> because there is limit. You can get only one card and then you must wait a week to try again.
Gang 2 years ago
If this was real why wouldn't everyone do it
Brahim 2 years ago
visa is the best gift card i will tell my friend about it
chris 2 years ago
I thought so too. Tried it myself and it worked. Though after claiming my card I got a message that I can't claim any other gift card for next 5 days. I get that. Many people want them. I tried my moms name, but probably they see the same IP address. Told my friend, he got his. Thanked me a lot. LOL.
Yo Yo Yo 2 years ago
I don't think this works... Its fake right?
Curtis 2 years ago
It took me maybe 5 minutes to get my gift car. I had to download some game app to received my gift card. I'd say that's a great deal!
Denny 2 years ago
Damn awesome! I had to wait 20-30min for the code but I got it. Free service. But it does it's job. Thanks
Jake 2 years ago
Yes, it worked for me, bro!
(HEY!) 2 years ago
does this really work?
anas 2 years ago
The best!
Mary 2 years ago
Thanks!!! I got mine to email just now. Good luck guys ;)
Admin 2 years ago
Yes, Mary. Please visit the site in few hours.
Mary 2 years ago
I see there are no visa gift cards available? Will you get more?
Robert 2 years ago
Visa is the best gift card. Thx!
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